Biaya Sekolah

General Requirement

  • Minimum age of the prospectus students for 1st grade is 6 year old by July 2024
  • Admission fee is IDR 500 000, prospectus students from Al Azkar Islamic Kindergarten get 50% Off
  • Please fill in the application form and submit it within 1 (one) week
  • Please submit 2 (two) copies of Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) and Birth Certificate (Akte Kelahiran)
  • Please submit 2 (two) copies of student’s photo, size 3 x 4 cm.
  • Placement test will be informed by phone call
  • 50% payment is paid no later than 7 (seven) school days after placement confirmation.

Payment made by transfer to :

Bank Mandiri

Account No: 101 000 418 4501

Yayasan Darul Azkar

Bank BNI

Account No: 018 211 6018

Yayasan Darul Azkar

Send confirmation to:

or confirmation via email and Whatsapp

*All payments are non refundable
and/or transferable